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The 2017 Women’s March was historic. But that was just the start. In the two years since the Women’s March began, you’ve protested the Muslim Ban in airports, taken action against gun violence, held sit-ins in our nation’s capitol, rejected white nationalism, demanded dignity for survivors, and so much more. The Women’s March was your march. This is your movement.

Photo by Alex Arbuckle

About the Women’s March Network

What started as the largest single-day protest in U.S. history has since blossomed into a network 1.2 million strong of women, femmes, and allies across the nation who are working together to create a new future for this country — one where we are all free, equal, and safe.

Women’s Agenda for 2019

A federal policy platform created by women, for all people, to make the legislative change our communities need now.

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Read The Unity Principles

Two dozen women leaders from a wide cross-section of movements came together to create these Unity Principles for the 2017 Women’s March.

This living document is the foundation of our movement.

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