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The 2017 Women’s March was historic. But that was just the start. In the six years since Women’s March began, we’ve protested the Muslim Ban in airports, taken action against gun violence, held sit-ins in our nation’s Capitol, rejected white nationalism, demanded dignity for survivors, and so much more. The Women’s March is our march. This is our movement.

Photo by Alex Arbuckle

Our end-of-year theme: Sh*t Got Real, resonates with many — and right now, you’re probably thinking about some of the struggles you’re facing — or wish you could solve. But there are struggles that we can defeat TOGETHER!

Donate today to help us close out 2023 and bring in 2024 with what we need to sustain the movement — and to create a feminist future that serves all of us.

Another way you can support our work is by taking our Pick a Struggle survey to help us identify the struggles that are most pressing in the lives of Women’s Marchers across the country. As a people-powered movement, we don’t just rely on your dollars to move our work forward. Our work is also informed by your knowledge and expertise in your and your community’s experiences. Here’s your chance to help direct our work in 2024.