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For the Women’s March Network, all issues are women’s issues. Take action with us on the causes that matter to you most, whether that’s ending gun violence, protesting white nationalism, or demanding reproductive justice.

2019 Women’s March: #WomensWave

On January 19, 2019, women, femmes, and allies will flood the streets of Washington, D.C., and cities across the globe. Save the date: The #WomensWave is coming, and we’re sweeping the world forward with us.

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Women At Rally

White Women Organizing for Change:

There has been a lot of talk since the midterms about white women and their voting choices.

We are currently curating a series of conversations, online workshops, and content to engage with white women within and outside of the Women’s March Network.

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March Black Leadership Action Coalition (WM-BLAC):

WM-BLAC is a coalition of Black Women’s March leaders working within the network to take consistent and strategic action on behalf of Black women’s dignity throughout the calendar year, while offering leadership, empowerment and support for important issues that directly affect Black women.

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Women Demand #EndFamilyDetention

In June 2018, over 600 women were arrested in Washington, D.C., protesting family detention and calling to abolish ICE. Families remain separated, detained, and ICE continues to terrorize communities. 

Join us as we continue calling on this administration to end its cruel and inhumane policies that violently incarcerate children in prison camps and automatically criminalize their parents. 

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Women Demand #JusticeForChikesia and #JusticeForAnthony

On April 22, 2018, after 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons was assaulted by three police officers in a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama. 

They threw her to the ground, pulling her dress down to expose her breasts. One of the officers choked her and threatened to break her arm. This was not simply a brutal police beating; it’s sexual abuse. Chikesia was violated, humiliated, and then, like so many Black women before her, arrested and charged for her own assault. It’s time to decide: Is violence against women and queer communities something you will sit back and tolerate? Or will you stand with us to demand #JusticeForChikesia and #JusticeForAnthony?

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Women #DivestDAPL

We cannot continue to invest our money in institutions that perpetuate oppression and destruction of Indigenous people, First Nations, and the environment.

Women’s March is participating in an environmental justice campaign to divest from the 37 major banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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